Poornam Undrallu

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Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Yield: 10-15


Ingredients for Poornam sweet

Sanagapappu (Bengalgram) : 1/2 kg

Bellam (Jagerry) : 1/2 kg

Panchadara (Sugar) : 1 cup

Water : 1/2 glass

Yalukayi (Cardamom) : Few


Ingredients for Undrallu

Biyyam Pindi (Rice Flour) : 3 1/2 Cup

Bellam (Jaggery) : 1 Cup

Idly Maker


To Prepare Poornam Sweet

Step 1 : Soak sanagapappu for 1 hour, cook it by adding 1 or 2 glasses water

Step 2 : After 3 whistles, put in low flame for 1min

Step 3 : Mean while mash bellam, add it to the cooked senagapappu

Step 4 : Let the ingredient cook till it gets thicker, add water if needed mix it continuosly

Step 5 : make sweet in to rounds like laddu

Making of Undrallu

Step 1 : Heat 250ml water in a pan.

Meanwhile boil 1 Cup jaggery to 100ml water till it gets melted.

Step 2 : Mix 1/2 cup Biyyam Pindi in 125ml water, add flour water into boiling water by keep on moving, let it cook for 3-4 min in medium flame till it is thicken

Step 3 : Add 3 Cups rice flour in a wide plate, add cooked flour and mix it once

Step 4 : Add melted jaggery water to flour mix and make it a smooth dough

Step 5 : Apply little ghee to ildi plates

Step 6 : Make small rounds with the dough by stuffing poornam inside (like laddu's) and put them in plates and cook in a idli maker or steamer for 10 min in high flame, 10 min in low flame

Sweet and smooth Poornam Undrallu is ready :)

Vinayaka Chavithi special Poornala Undrallu ready for Nayivedyam :)

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