Bagara Vankayi | Bagara Baingan | Bagara Brinjal

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Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Main ingredient: Brinjal
Course: Main



Vankayilu (Baingan, Brinjal) : 1/2 kg



Ullipayalu (Pyaz, Onion) : 1 big


Pachimprapa (Harimirchy, Green Chillies) : 5


Tomato : 2 big


Chintapandu (Imli, Tamarind) Paste : 2 tsp


Pallilu (Moongphali, Ground Nuts) : 4 tsp


Nuvvulu (Til, Seasame seeds) : 2 tsp


Endukobbari (Nariyal, Dry Coconut) : 1/2 coconut


Dhaniyalu (Dhania, Corriander seeds) : 2 tsp


Lavangalu (Lavang, Clove) : 6

Dhalcinachakka (Dhalchini, Cinammon) : 2 inches


Allam Vellulli (Adarak Lahsun, Ginger Garlic) Paste : 1 tsp


Kothimera (Kothimir, Corriander Leaves) : Few


Nune (Thel, Oil) : 5 tsp


Uppu (Namk, Salt) : 2-3 tsp


Pasupu (Haldi, Turmeric powder) : 1 tsp


Step 1 : Clean and Cut brinjal in four sides not fully (as shown in pic)


Step 2 : Chop Onion, Chillies, Tomatoes


Step 3 : Fry pallilu in a pan, let it cool


Step 4 : Fry Nuvvulu, Dhaniayalu, Endumirapakayalu, Jeelakarra, lavangalu, Dalchinachakka

Let it cool


Step 5 : Heat 1 tsp oil, fry chopped onions for 2 min, add tomatoes to it, fry for another 2 min

Let this cool to room temperature

Step 6 : Blend fried Pallilu, nuvvulu, Dhaniyalu, Endumirapakayalu, Jeelakarra, Lavangalu, Dalchinachakka

Keep it aside


Step 7 : Blend Oil Fried Onions, Tomatoes, 1 tsp pasupu, 1 tsp salt with Ginger Garlic paste


Step 8 : Add Chintapandu paste, 1 tsp salt to the Dry powder kept aside and Stuff it to brinjal


Step 9 : Heat 4 tsp Oil, add curry leaves, chillies, tomato onion paste, fry for 3 min


Step 10 : Add Stuffed Brinjals one by one to the cooking pan, Also add remaing powder and salt (if necessary), Close the pan by srinkling water for 10-15 min in low flame till Brinjal is cooked properly (In between you can mix for 1 or 2 times)


Hot Bagara Vankayi is ready to eat, Serve it with Veg Biryani, Coconut Rice, White Rice etc

Hint : Keep cut Brinjal in salt water so that its colour wont change and does not get bitter.

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