Kobbari Annam | Plain Coconut Rice | Narial bath

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Recipe prepared by Smt Jhansi Lakshmi
Article written by Lakshmi Aparna

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes



Vullipayalu (Pyaz, Onions) : 1


Pachimirapa (Hari mirch, Green chillies) : 5 or 6


Pachi kobbari mukkalu (Nariyal, Coconut pieces) : 1 bowl or 1 coconut


Nune or Neyyi (Oil or Ghee) : 4 tablespoons


Kothimeera & Pudina (Coriander leaves and mint leaves) : A few


Lavangam (Laving, Cloves), Dalchinachakka (Tuj, Cinnamon), Yallukayi (elachi, Cardamom), Biryani aaku (Tej petta, Bay leaf) : A few


Uppu (Namak, Salt) : 2 tsp


Bhiyamu (Chouka, White Rice) : 2 bowls


Skin removed Vellullipaya (Nasan, Garlic) nods : 6-10


Allam vellulli (Lasan adu, Ginger & Garlic) paste : 2 tsp


Fried jeedipappu (Kaju, Casew nuts) : 10-12 pieces


Step 1 :
Cut onion and chillies in to long slim slices (podavu sanna mukkalu)


Step 2 : Now blend cococnut pieces in blender by adding 1 glass water, seperate the coconut milk with a filter. Repeat it for 3 times with the same coconut pulp


Step 3 : Extract coconut milk from that which comes to 4 bowls

Step 4 : Heat 4 tsp ghee or oil in pressure cooker, add 2 big Biryani aaku (Bay leaf), 10 Lavangam (cloves), 2 big Dalchina chakka (Cinnamon), 5 Yallukayi (Cardamom), 6 Garlic nods, pudina (mint leaves), Sliced Onions

Let them fry for 2 min till onions come in to golden brown colour, now add sliced chillies and corraindar leaves, after 1 min add 2 tsp ginger & garlic paste, mix it well and fry for 2 min


Step 5 : Now add cleaned 2 bowls white rice in cooker mix it well and fry for 3 min


Step 6 : Now add 4 bowls coconut milk, 2 tsp salt and close the pressure cooker


Step 7 : After 1st whistle, wait for 30 sec and switch off the stove


Fry kajus in 1 tsp ghee, garnish coconut rice with 10 Kajus and corriandar leaves

Hot hot coconut rice is ready to serve, you can have it with veg or non veg curry or raitha :)

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