Veyinchina Kodi Iguru | Murg fry | Chicken Fry

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Marination time: 30 Minutes
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 25 Minutes
Course: Main
Main ingredient: Chicken
Yield: 1 Kg



Kodi (Murg, Broiler Chicken) : 1 kg


Ullipayalu (Pyaz, Onions) : 4 medium size


Pachimirapakayalu (Hari mirchi, Green Chillies) : 5


Nune (Tel, Oil) : 6 tsp


Uppu (Namak, Salt) : 2 tsp


Kaaram (Laal mirchi powder, Red chilli powder) : 2 tsp


Pasupu (Haldi, Turmeric) : 1tsp


Perugu (Dahi, curd) : 2 tsp


Dhaniyalu (Dhana, Corriandar Seeds) : 1 & 1/2 tsp


1 big Dalchina chakka (tuj, cinnamon), 4 yalukkayi (Elachi, Cardamom), 6-8 lavangam (Laving, Cloves)


Miriyalu (Kada mari, Pepper) : 8


Allam velluli paste (Adu lasan, Ginger garlic paste) : 3 tsp


Endu kobbari (Copra, Dry coconut) : 1/2


Kothimeera (Khothimiri, Corriandar leaves), Pudina (Phodina, Field mint)


Step 1 :
Clean chicken pieces and marinate with 1 tsp pasupu (turmeric), 1 tsp uppu (salt), 1 tsp Karam (red chilli powder), 2 tsp perugu (curd), 1 tsp allam vellulli (ginger garlic) paste for 1/2 an hour to 1 hour in refrigerator.


Step 2 : Boil the chicken in closed pan by adding 1 glass water to it, till the water evaporates.


Step 3 : Cut 4 medium sized onions in big slices and 5 green chilles.


Step 4 : Blend onion slices with green Chillies, 8 miriyalu (pepper), 6-8 lavangalu (Cloves), 1 big Dalchina chakka (Cinnamon), 1 1/2 tsp dhaniyalu (corriander seeds), 1/2 dry coconut, 10 sliced Kaju.

Step 5 : Take one round pan heat 6 tsp refined oil and add kothimeera (corriander leaves), Pudina (mint leaves) now add that blended paste in to that pan, fry for 7-10 mins.


Step 6 : Add boiled chicken pieces to that mixture, let it for 5-7 min by mixing it continuosly as that gravy will not stick to the pan.


Serve chicken fry by garnishing with kothimeera (corriandar leaves).

Yummy Chicken fry ready to eat, you can taste it with white rice or coconut rice.

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