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Tamarind pulp is useful additive in preparing many items such as pulihora, pulusu (except fish pulusu), sambar or chutney. It can be easily prepared at home and pre-prepared paste helps reduce the total cooking time for many dishes. It is ideal to prepare with new tamarind which is available in February or March. The prepared paste has a shelf life of four months in a freezer.

Preparation Time: 2 hours
Shelf life: 4-6 months in freezer
1 bowl measuring: 250 ml
Quantity: As required

Seedless Tamarind (Chintapandu): 1 bowl

Turmeric Powder: 1/2 tbsp

Salt: 1 tbsp
Mashed Jaggery: 1/2 tbsp
Oil: 1 tbsp
Water: 3 bowls


Step 1: Soak Tamarind in 3 bowls water for half an hour
IMG 7980
Step 2: Add Salt to it and boil
IMG 7981
Step 3: Let it boil until Tamarind is cooked 
IMG 7982
IMG 7987
IMG 7991

Step 4: Let it cool and filter it in a strainer
IMG 8041
IMG 8042
Step 5: Boil the filtered Tamarind water again by adding 1/2 tbsp Jaggery, 1/2 tbsp Turmeric and 1 tbsp Oil 
IMG 8046
Cook for 15 min in low flame, till it comes to paste like consistency 
chintapandu paste
Tamarind paste is ready. Let it cool and store in any airtight container in a freezer :)

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