Katte Pongali | Moong Dal Khichdi


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Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Serves: 3-4



Pesarapappu (Green Gram, Moong Dal) : 1 Cup

Biyyam (Rice, Chaval) : 2 Cups

Jeelakarra (Cumin Seeds) : 1/2 tsp

Miriyalu (Black Pepper) : 1 tsp

Minapappu (Black Gram) : 1/2 tsp

Endumirapa (Dry Red Chillies) : 2

Karivepaku (Curry Leaves) : 2 Stems

Pachmirapakayi Mukkalu (Green Chillies Slices) : 6

Allam (Ginger) : 1 inch Piece

Salt : 1 tsp (As you require)

Neyyi (Ghee) : 2 tsp


Step 1 : Fry 1 cup Green Gram in a pan in medium flame for 2 min by mixing with Spoon

Now wash 2 cups Rice and fried Green Gram

Step 2 : Heat 2 tsp Ghee in 2 or 3 liters Pressure Cooker, add 1/2 tsp Black Gram, 1 tsp Black Pepper, 1/2 tsp Cumin Seeds

Immediately Add Dry Red Chillies, Green Chillies, Ginger Pieces, Curry Leaves

Step 3 : Add washed rice and Green Gram, fry for 2 min by mixing continuously

Step 4 : Add 6 cups Water, 1 tsp Salt to fried mixture (Check salt and add if necessary), close the cooker with high flame

Off the flame after 3 whistles

Here is the Hot and tasty Katte Pongali is ready to serve :)

Pea Nut Sauce (Palli Pachadi, Mugfli Ki Chutney) is the best combination for Green Gram hotchpotch (Katte Pongali, Moong Dal Khichdi)

Note : Just try Katte Pongal with Onion Raitha, tastes good

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