Boiled Egg Stew | Kodi Guddu Pulusu 

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Recipe prepared by Smt Jhansi Lakshmi
Article written by Lakshmi Aparna

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Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Course: Main
Serves: 4-5
Main ingredient: Eggs
1 bowl measurement: 250 ml

Boiled egg stew is a traditional recipe of Telugu people. This is made using tamarind gravy which is why it is known as pulusu, boiled eggs are added later to the stew. It is a delicious and simple curry. It is a good combination of hot steamed rice. In this stew, Mrs.Jhansi added a little bit of jaggery for better taste. One who likes the mixed taste of sweet and sour must try this dish. Here are the step by step instructions. 


Eggs (guddu): 5
IMG 8930

Chopped onions: 2 bowls
IMG 8932

Green chillies: 3-4 and few curry leaves
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Stored tamarind paste: 2 tbsp or 25 grams tamarind soaked in water
chintapandu paste
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Turmeric powder (pasupu): 1/4 tsp

Salt: As required

Red chilly powder (kaaram): 1 tbsp

Oil or clarified butter (ghee): 3 tbsp

Mashed jaggery (bellam): 2 tbsp
mashed bellam

For talimpu
Dry red chilly (endumirapa): 2, urad dal (minapappu): 1 tbsp, Cumin seeds (jeelakarra): 1 tbsp, mustard seeds (aavalu): 1 tbsp, fenugreek seeds (menthulu): 1/4 tbsp


Step 1: Boil eggs in water (with added salt) for 10 minutes in medium flame and remove the shell from it. Keep them aside
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Step 2: Preheat 3 tbsp ghee or oil and give talimpu.
For talimpu saute (fry) spices one by one as shown with few seconds gap in medium flame
1. Add split dry red chilly
IMG 8935

2. Then 1/2 tbsp urad dal (minapappu)
IMG 8936
3. Then 1/2 tbsp Cumin seeds (jeelakarra) and 1/4 tbspfenugreek seeds (menthulu)
IMG 8938

4. Then 1/2 tbsp mustard seeds (aavalu)
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Step 3: When mustard seeds start crackling (sound) add few chopped onion to one side and add curry leaves on the other side as shown
IMG 8939
IMG 8941

Note: If curry leaves directly added to oil, oil and spices from talimpu will fall outside or on us. So Mrs.Jhansi given us a tip that if we add onion first and add curry leaves next, we may not face that problem.

Step 4: Add remaining onions and sliced green chillies to it
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Step 5: Add and mix 1/2 tsp turmeric powder and 1 tsp salt. Saute (fry) for 5 minutes in medium flame by mixing once in a while
IMG 8945
IMG 8947

Step 6: Add and mix 2 tbsp tamarind paste, or you can also add soaked and filtered tamarind water
IMG 8951
IMG 8953

Step 7: Add 2 bowls of water to it (including tamarind water). Add and mix red chilly powder. Let it cook in high flame
IMG 8956
Step 8: Add 1 & 1/2 tbsp sugar or jaggery (sugar or jaggery is 'optional') to it and cook for 10 minutes in high flame.
Note: Taste the stew and add salt if required. If there is more salt or sourness add one more boiled egg. 
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Mean while make 2-3 cuts on egg (making cuts on egg will absorb stew inside)
IMG 8950  1

Step 9: Add eggs to boiling stew and cook for 15 minutes or till the required consistency in medium flame
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Hot and tasty guddu pulusu is ready to serve :)
IMG 8966
Guddu pulusu tastes good with mudda pappu and steamed rice.

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