Sorakaya Paalu Kura | Bottle Gourd Curry With Milk | Anapakaya Paalu Kura

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Recipe prepared by Smt Jhansi Lakshmi
Article written by Lakshmi Aparna

sorakaya palu kura

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Course: Main
Serves: 2-3
Main ingredient: Bottle gourd
1 bowl measurement: 250 ml


Bottle gourd (sorakaya, anapakaya)
IMG 8469

Onion: 1 medium

Green chillies: 2
Green Chillies

Boiled milk: 1 bowl (choose whole milk for good taste)

For talimpu
Dry red chilly (endumirapa): 1, cumin seeds (jeelakarra): 1 tbsp, mustard seeds (aavalu): 1 tbsp

Curry leaves: Few
curry leaves

Salt: As per taste

Oil: 2 tbsp

Red chilly powder (kaaram): 1 tbsp


Step 1: Chop the bottle gourd and onion into small pieces
IMG 8652IMG 8654

Step 2: Heat 2 tbsp oil in a kadai. Saute (fry) each spice one by one in one seconds gap
For talimpu
Add 1 tbsp cumin seeds and 1 dry red chilly split into two
IMG 8673

Add 1 tbsp mustard seeds
IMG 8675

Step 3: Add and mix green chillies and onion. Saute (fry) for 2 minutes in low flame
IMG 8676

Step 4: Add and mix bottle gourd pieces to it. Saute (fry) for a minute
IMG 8678

Step 5: Add and mix 2 sliced green chillies. Saute (fry) for 1 minute in medium flame
IMG 8679

Step 6: Add and mix salt. Saute (fry) for a minute in medium flame
IMG 8680

Step 7: Add 1/4 bowl water, close the lid and cook for 5 minutes in medium flame
IMG 8681
IMG 8682

Step 8: Open the lid and add 1/2 tbsp red chilly powder, mix it and cook for a minute in medium flame
IMG 8699IMG 8700

Step 9: Add and mix 1 bowl boiled milk. Cook for 2-3 minutes in high flame stirring the mix once in a while
IMG 8702
IMG 8705
IMG 8707

Turn off the flame and serve hot :)
bottle gourd curry with milk

Sorakaya paalu is a good combination of steamed rice, pulka, roti, chapati.

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