Lavanga Lathalu | Stuffed Coconut Sweet

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Recipe prepared by Smt Lakshmi Bai
Article written by Lakshmi Aparna

Lavanga lathalu
This a variety sweet prepared in South India, especially by Telugu people. This is a stuffed sweet, coconut and sugar are used for stuffing and maida for out side layer. This sweet is soft inside and is crispy outside. The clove (lavangam) is used to lock the outer layer. Consuming the sweet with clove is tasty, at the same time we don't get a cough (because we eat clove along with the coconut). Mrs.Lakshmi shared this snack and has clearly explained it step by step.

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Yield: 25 - 30
Shelf life: 15-20
Main ingredient: Coconut
Course: Snack
1 bowl measurement: 250 ml


Fresh grated coconut: 2 bowls
WP 20141018 063

Sugar (panchadara): 1 bowl

Maida or all purpose flour: 250 grams
WP 20141018 080

Cooking butter: 50 grams
Cooking Butter

Salt: 1/2 tbsp

Oil: To fry

Cardamom (yalukalu, elaichi): 4 or 5

Poppy seeds (gasagasalu): 1 tbsp or 25 grams (optional)
WP 20140130 022

Cloves (lavangalu): 25
WP 20141018 121


Step 1: Add sugar to grated coconut
WP 20141018 068

Step 2: Add 1/4th bowl of water in it
WP 20141018 069

Step 3: Mix and cook in low flame till the sugar melts and it gets thicker.
Note: For required thickness, we need to take small quantity of cooked mixture and it should form like a ball (unda paakam raanivaali)
WP 20141018 073
WP 20141018 075

Step 4: Semi fry poppy seeds, let it cool. Now make poppy seeds and cardamom into powder

Step 5: Add cardamom powder and Poppy seeds powder to it and mix in a mixing bowl
WP 20141018 087
Keep it aside, let it cool
WP 20141018 085

Step 6: In a mixing bowl add cooking butter to maida (or all purpose flour)
WP 20141018 088

Step 6: Mix butter and maida first, then keep on adding little water till it forms a smooth dough like chapati dough (approximately 50 ml water)
WP 20141018 091
WP 20141018 093
WP 20141018 096
Close it with a lid and let the dough rest for 15 minutes

Step 7: Take small quantity (lemon size) of dough, make it thin and round in shape
WP 20141018 143

Step 8: Stuff 1 or 2 tbsp cooled coconut mixture in it as shown below
WP 20141018 146
WP 20141018 155
WP 20141018 148
WP 20141018 149
WP 20141018 150

Step 9: In the middle of four folds insert the clove, so that the layer will not get disintegrate when fried in oil
WP 20141018 151

Step 10: Prepare required quantity (you can save stuffing powder for later if you want, 10 days shelf life if coconut mixture is kept in freezer, can prepare outer layer whenever needed and cook fresh)
WP 20141018 157

Step 11: Preheat oil and fry them on high flame. Fry both the sides (turn it to other side after a minute) till golden brown color
WP 20141018 160
WP 20141018 159
Tasty and yummy lavanga lathalu is ready. Let them cool and enjoy the taste (Note: if consumed immediately it will be too hot inside) 
WP 20141018 169
Tasty coconut stuffed sweet is ready to serve as an evening snack and it would be a variety snack for kitty parties :)

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