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Recipe prepared by Smt Mani Kumari
Article written by Lakshmi Aparna


Soaking Time : 36-48 hours
Preparation Time : 20 minutes
Quantity : approximately 1/2 kg
Bowl measuring : 250 ml

Old Fat White Rice (Paatha Laavu Biyyamu) :
2 bowls (preferred)

Sugar (Panchadara, Shakkar) : 1 bowl

Cardamom Powder (Yelukala Podi, Elaichi Powder) : 1 tsp

Cashews (Jeedipappu) : 25 grams

Dry Coconut Pieces (Endu kobbari mukkalu) : 50 grams

Milk (paalu): 1/2 bowl

Poppy Seeds (Gasagasalu) : 25 grams

Ghee (Neyyi) : 1/2 bowl


Step 1 : Soak Rice for 36-48 hours by cleaning and changing water once every 6 hours. Strain the rice on cloth and blend it into fine smooth powder

Step 2 : Fry Cashews, Dry Coconut Pieces, Poppy Seeds in 2 tsp ghee separately

Step 3 : Boil Milk & Sugar (Virigina Paravaledu baagane vuntundhi) till thick paakam (Unda pakam) as shown in image

Step 4 : Add little Ghee, beat the batter by (Unda Kattakunda Kaluputha Vundali) adding small quantity flour slowly. Do not let it thicken, it must be smooth and loose as it will get harder after a while

Step 5 : Add Fried Cashews, Poppy Seeds, Dry Coconut Pieces, Cardamom Powder & Ghee. Mix the content

One of the item used for all auspicious occasions is "Chalimidi" which indicates sweet & smooth future is ahead :)

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