Sorakaya Pulusu | Anapakaya Pulusu | Bottle Gourd Stew

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Recipe prepared by Smt Jhansi Lakshmi
Article written by Lakshmi Aparna

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Sorakaya pulusu (bottle gourd stew) is a South Indian dish that is prepared by Telugu's. Pulusu or stew means mild flavored tamarind juice brewed with few spices. Sorakaya pulusu is soft and juicy, made from tamarind gravy and tastes yummy when served hot with steamed rice and dal.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Total time: 30 minutes
Course: Main
Serves: 3-4
Main ingredient: Bottle gourd

1 bowl measurement: 250 ml
Flame used: Medium

Bottle gourd (lauki, sorakaya, anapakaya)
"Rich in fiber and low-calorie vegetable (14 calories per 100 grams)"
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Peeled and chopped bottle gourd: 250 grams
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Tamarind (Chintapandu) paste (step by step recipe): 2 tbsp
chintapandu paste

Or big lemon size tamarind soaked
IMG 7980

Chopped onion: 1 medium size, green chilies: 3 or 4
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For talimpu: 
Dry red chilly: 1, urad dal: 1/2 tbsp, fenugreek seeds: 1/4 tbsp, mustard seeds: 1/2 tbsp, cumin seeds: 1/2 tbsp, garlic pods: 2, curry leaves: Few


curry leaves

Oil: 2-3 tbsp

Ghee (Clarified butter): 1 tbsp
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Turmeric powder: 1 tbsp

Salt: As per taste

Red chilly powder or kaaram: 1 tbsp

Jaggery (mashed): Small lemon sized or 1 tbsp
03  1

Water: 300 ml or 1 and 1/2 bowl


Step 1: Heat 2 tbsp oil, saute (fry) spices one by one in low flame (prefer thick base kadai)
1 red chilly (endumirapa) and 1 or 2 garlic pod (optional)
IMG 8512

Fenugreek seeds (menthulu): 1/4 tbsp
IMG 8513

Cumin seeds (jeelakarra): 1/2 tbsp
IMG 8514

Mustard seeds (aavalu): 1/2 tbsp
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Urad dal (minapappu): 1/2 tbsp
IMG 8516

IMG 8517

add onions and green chilies
IMG 8518

Add curry leaves and mix
IMG 8519

IMG 8521

Step 2: Add turmeric powder and mix well
IMG 8522

IMG 8524

Step 3: Add bottle gourd pieces
IMG 8525

Step 4: Add little (50 ml) water, let it cook for 2-3 minutesIMG 8526

Step 5: Add salt (uppu), 1 tbsp red chilly powder (kaaram), soaked & filtered tamarind juice or 2 tbsp tamarind paste (Chintapandu gujju).
Jaggery (bellam) "optional"
IMG 8533

Step 6: Add and mix 1 glass (250ml) water (just enough for the pieces should sink). Taste the stew and adjust any ingredient (tamarind paste, salt, red chilly powder) if required
IMG 8535

Let it cook for 10-15 minutes till bottle gourd is cooked
IMG 8544

Add 1 tbsp clarified butter (ghee) and turn off the flame when it comes to required thickness.
Put it in a serving bowl :)
sorakaya pulusu

Serve hot with steamed rice, plain dal and clarified butter or ghee (annamu, mudda pappu, neyyi)
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