Ribbon Pakoda

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Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Yield: 750 grams
1 Cup measurement: 200ml



Senagapindi (Bengal Gram Flour) : 2 Cups

Biyyampindi (Rice Flour) : 1 Cup

Allam (Ginger) : 2 inches Piece

Pachimirapa (Green Chillies) : 5 or 6

Nune (Oil) : 1/2 kg

Jeelakarra (Cumin Seeds) : 1 tsp

Venna (Cooking Butter) : 2 Tsp

Salt : As Per Taste

Pakoda Maker


Step 1 : Blend Ginger, Chillies adding 1 tsp Salt & 1 tsp Cumin Seeds into paste (add little Water)

Step 2 : In a Basin mix 2 Cups Bengal Gram Flour and 1 Cup Rice Flour

Step 3 : Add 2 tsp Cooking Butter. Mix well

Step 4 : Filter Ginger, Chillies Water to the powder. Mix everything

Step 5 : Take little quantity of flour each time adding water to make smooth dough (Taste and add Salt if necessary)

Step 6 : Insert Dough in the Pakoda maker. Heat 1/2 kg Oil in wide Deep Pan

Step 7 : Slowly press and leave in to heating oil in a Spiral fashion

Step 8 : Fry till golden color in High flame, remove with Strainer

Crispy Ribbon Pakoda is ready for evening snacks. Has a Shelf Life of around 30 days

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