Karam Boondi

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Smt Mani Kumari
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Senagapindi (Gram Flour) : 1 Cup

Biyyam Pindi (Rice Flour) : 1 Cup

Karam (Red Chilly Powder) : 1 tsp

Salt : As Per Your Taste

Karivepaku (Curry Leaves) : 2 Stems

Jeelakarra (Cumin Seeds) : 1 Tsp

Jeedipappu (Cashew) : As you Wish

Pallilu (Pea Nuts) : 1/2 Cup

Oil : To Fry

Boondi Apaka : For making boondi

Apaka (Strainer) : For taking out fried boondi


Step 1 : Mix 1 cup Gram Flour and 1 cup Rice Flour with water in a bowl (Palchaga Kalupu kovali)

Step 2 : Place Curry Leaves on Big Flat Plate (So That It will fry when hot boondi is added)

Step 3 : Fry boondi in oil with the help of Boondi Apaka by adding flour mixture every time in high flame

Step 4 : Deep Fry Boondi till golden colour (Crispy too), put it in the plate with Curry Leaves

Step 5 : Fry Cashew & Peanuts in oil, blend 1 tsp Cumin Seeds, 1 tsp Karam & Salt together

Step 6 : Add fried Cashews &Peanuts, Blended powder and mix the Boondi thoroughly and store it closed Steel Box

Crispy Karam Boondi is ready for evening Snacks :)

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