Crispy Tapioca Snack | Saggubiyyam Punugulu

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Recipe prepared by Smt Jhansi Lakshmi
Article written by Lakshmi Aparna

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This is an evening snack which is smooth, crispy and tasty made with Tapioca (Saggubiyyam). This is a great combination with Tea.
Soaking Time : 3 hours
Preparation Time : 15 minutes
Cooking Time : 5 minutes
1 Bowl measuring : 250 ml
Serves : 3 

Tapioca (Saggubiyyam, Sabudana) : 1 Bowl


Curd (Perugu) : 3 Bowls 

Rice Flour (Biyyampindi) : 1 Bowl
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Chopped Onion :
onions chopped

Red Chilly Powder (Kaaram) or Green Chillies (Pachimirapa) : 4-6, Curry Leaves : Few

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Cumin Seeds (Jeelakarra) : 1 tsp
Cumin Seeds Latest

Salt (Uppu) : As per taste

Oil (Nune) : To fry


Step 1 : Soak 1 bowl of Tapioca (Saggubiyyam) in 3 bowls of blended thick Curd for 3 hours.

Note : It can also be soaked for the whole night (Pullaga ishtapadithe).
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Step 2: Mix the soaked Tapioca (Saggubiyyam) with Rice flour to the thickness required for frying in oil (dough should not be too loose nor too thick) 

Note : Do not add water as it will absorb more Oil. Instead of Rice flour we can add Maida for spongy type Punugulu.

Meanwhile, preheat required Oil in a pan to fry.

Step 3: Add Cumin Seeds, Red Chilly Powder or GreenChillies, chopped Curry Leaves, Onions and Salt.
IMG 7578
IMG 7580

Step 4 : Mix thoroughly and slowly leave small balls into preheated Oil.
IMG 7589
Fry till golden brown colour in high flame and remove it with a strainer. Put them on tissue paper so that it will absorb excess Oil from punugulu.
IMG 7590

Hot and Crispy Tapioca Snack (Saggubiyyam Punugulu) are ready to serve :) 

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