Chethi Chakkalu

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Recipe prepared by Smt Jhansi Lakshmi
Article written by Lakshmi Aparna

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Yield: 1 kg
Main ingredient: Rice flour



Biyyam Pindi (Rice Flour) : 1 kg

Venna poosa (Cooking Butter) : 50 gms

Nune (Oil) : To Fry

Uppu (Salt) : As per Taste

Karvepaku (Curry Leaves) : 1/2 cup (sliced)

Allam Pachimirapakayalu (Ginger, Green chillies) : 25 grams each

Naanabettina Senagapappu (Soaked Bengal Gram Dal) : 100 grams

Neeru (Water) : to mix


Step 1 : Blend ginger chilly paste.

Step 2 : Add 1kg rice flour, 50gms cooking butter, soaked bengal gram, sliced curry leaves, ginger chilly paste

Step 3 : Add salt water slowly to that mixture till it is thicken (dough in small quantities every time)

Step 4 : Now add small quantity of oil to one plate, press dough with three fingers as shown in picture

Step 5 : Fry them in heated oil by slowly leaving them into pan with the help of plate (for precaution)

Step 6 : Fry them till golden brown colour and store in a closed container after some time

Hot and crispy chakkalu are ready to serve as evening snacks :)

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