Raw Mango Drink

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Raw mango drink is a good home made recipe for getting relief from excessive heat exposure.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
Mani ingredient: Raw mango
Course: Drink
Serves: 2-3



Raw Mango


Salt & Patiki Bellam (Sugar)


Take 1/2 mango & cut it into pieces

Put those pieces in a bowl, take small cooker, pour 1/4 th glass of water in it, keep the bowl covered in the cooker, allow the cooker to whistle for 3 times and sim it for 5 minutes

Let it cool down & remove the bowl

Skin the cooked mango pieces

Blend them, add 2 glasses cold water, a pinch of salt and two table spoons sugar (patiki bellam) and mix it again

Drink it to get heat relief :)

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