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Gajar halwa is prepared with regular carrots or red carrots, sugar, ghee and milk. Gajar halwa is a sweet desert pudding originating from North India. It is traditionally prepared during festivals like Diwali, Holi and Raksha Bandhan. This is all time favourite many including kids.

Preparation time:15 Minutes
Cooking time: 30 Minutes
Course: Desert
Main ingredient: Carrot
Yield: 1 Bowl
1 Bowl measurement: 250ml


Gajar (Tender carrots): 4 Bowls peeled and grated
IMG 9703
IMG 9710

Sugar: 1 Bowl (Sulphur-less organic sugar preferably)

Boiled whole milk: 1 Bowl

Cardamom (elaichi, yalukalu): 5-6

Cashews (kaju, jeedipappu): Few

Soaked almonds (badam): Few
IMG 9189

Clarified butter (ghee, neyyi): 3 Tbsp
clarified butter or ghee


Step 1: Add 1 tbsp clarified butter (ghee) in thick based kadai or pan
IMG 9715

Step 2: Add and stir fry the grated carrot for 5 minutes in medium flame
IMG 9717

Step 3: Add boiled milk, bring the whole mixture to boiling and turn the flame to low. While the mixture is simmering on low flame, keep stirring in between. Do this for 2 minutes
IMG 9719
IMG 9721

Step 4: Close the kadai, let it cook for 3 minutes in low flame
IMG 9724

Step 5: Add sugar to the mixture when milk gets evaporated. Keep stirring in between for 3 minutes. Use medium flame
IMG 9728
IMG 9732

Step 6: Add cardamom powder, keep stirring in between, do it for 5 minutes in medium flame
IMG 9736

Step 7: Add 1 tbsp clarified butter and turn off the flame, do it when kadai seems clear when halwa is stirred
IMG 9737
IMG 9739

Step 8: Heat 1 tbsp clarified butter to fry cashew and sliced almonds. In low flame, add soaked almonds first, after 30 seconds add cashews
IMG 9726
IMG 9725
IMG 9733

Step 9: Top up halwa with roasted almonds and cashews.

Serve hot :)

Gajar halwa is a good combination with vanilla ice cream :)

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