Custard Fruit Salad

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Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Custard Fruit Salad (Serves 6)


Custard Powder (Vanila Flavour) : 6-7 tsp

Milk : 1 litre

Sugar : 1 Cup

Fresh Fruits


Step 1 : Boil the Milk in a cooking vessel

Meanwhile add 6-7 tsp Custard Powder in 1 cup boiled and cooled Milk

Step 2 : When milk is boiling in low flame add sugar, mix it

Step 3 : Taste the sugar in Milk and add if required. Keep the flame in low

Step 4 : Slowly add prepared Custard powder milk into boiling milk by keep stirring it

Step 5 : Keep stirring it continuosly so that lumps are not formed. Cook till it is mild thicken (app 10min), once bubbles are seen on top it indicates Custard is ready, off the flame

Step 6 : Let it cool and refrigerate it for 2 hours

Step 7 : Cut Fruits into pieces

Step 8 : Mix the fruits in Custard . Also can add grapes or mango pieces or orange or any fruit as per taste

Cold and smooth tasty Fruit Salad is ready :)

Custard can also be taken hot without adding Fruits in Cold weather :)

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